In order to embed cargs, you will have to download it. You can do so using git (or download it from here).

git clone -b stable git@github.com:likle/cargs.git

Note: The stable branch points to the latest stable version. You should always use a stable version in production code.

Using CMake to embed cargs

If you are using CMake it is fairly easy to embed cargs. This only requires two lines, you don’t even have to specify the include directories. The following example shows how to do so:

# Some basics you will need in your cmake file.
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.9.2)
project(example C)
add_executable(example_target main.c)

# Replace your_path_to_cargs with the path to your cargs copy. 
# This could be something like "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/lib/cargs".

# Replace example_target with the target name which requires cargs.
# After this, there is no need to specify any include directories.
target_link_libraries(example_target cargs)

After that, you should be able to use cargs in your source code:

#include <cargs.h>

Directly embed cargs in your source

If you don’t use CMake and would like to embed cargs directly, you could just add the two files src/cargs.c and ìnclude/cargs.h to your project. The folder containing cargs.h has to be in your include directories (Visual Studio, Eclipse, gcc, clang).